A Political Romp

Shimmering zen Priscilla Fowler Fine Art presents A Political Romp: Diane Bush and Colleagues Roast the Election Season. Each artist was invited for their talent and also their willingness to dive into the political arena. This exhibit continues the tradition of political satire that goes back to the invention of the printing press.

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Goddesses and Gods

Shimmering zen Stanford joins a Mat Gleason's ensemble of artists for a diverse evening of art, music and people watching in Los Angeles' famed Chinatown.

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Shimmering Zen Portals

Shimmering zen Stanford presents his Shimmering Zen backlit lenticulars and new portals to this esteemed gallery located in California's beautiful Coachella Valley.

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Shimmering Zen

Shimmering zen Stanford not only presents his traveling Shimmering Zen exhibition to Las Vegas, he creates site-specific new works for the gallery. Included in the exhibition are his early psychedelic painting, Revelations, that was the catalyst of what is enjoyed and collected today.

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Shimmering Zen / David Tupaz Haute Couture Fashion Show

Shimmering zen Stanford's Shimmering Zen exhibition in Las Vegas serves as the backdrop to haute fashion show by David Tupaz. Tupaz's fashion was inspired from the pages of Stanford's Shimmering Zen book. In honor of the fashion debut, Stanford presented Tupaz with a beautiful hand-stitched Italian silk scarf featuring his Lucky Lady design for the show. Tupaz incorporated this vibrant 54" x 54"

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Shimmering Zen Book Launch

Shimmering zen Inspired by many of the neon signs found in the Neon Museum's collection, Stanford presents his book, Shimmering Zen, to Las Vegas. A delightful Q&A with the Museum's Executive Director, Rob McCoy, and Stanford gives an insightful look into Stanford's artistic process. Mayor Carolyn Goodman for the City of Las Vegas was in attendance to present Stanford with an official Proclamation

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Shimmering Zen / David Tupaz Haute Couture Fashion Show (NYFW)

Shimmering zen Stanford's Shimmering Zen opens New York Fashion Week. Haute couture designer, David Tupaz, was inspired to create his SS19 from the pages of Stanford's Shimmering Zen book. Stanford created a breathtaking series of artworks from his book based on swatches provided by Tupaz. The collaboration between artist and designer provided an exquisite ensemble of art and fashion.

Shimmering Zen / David Tupaz Haute Couture Fashion Show (NYFW)2022-02-16T00:55:37+00:00

Between Heaven and Earth

Shimmering zen Stanford exhibits at The Neon Museum's "Blue Angel: Between Heaven and Earth," a limited-time exhibition of the iconic Blue Angel Motel. The Angel will be surrounded by signs from the Neon Museum collection and featured alongside Blue Angel-inspired images by multiple artists. This exhibition is organized in collaboration with the Desert Space Foundation with support from the City of Las Vegas

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Shimmering Zen UK Book Launch

Shimmering zen Stanford presents his new book, Shimmering Zen, to the prestigious London Library. The evening's reception was filled with a delightful Q&A with the Library's trustee, Elizabeth Herridge, as well as live sitar performance. The book was create at Verona Libri in Verona, Italy by famed book designer Philip Lewis. Special inks were created for the book. Once the books were printed,

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