Shimmering Zen: Portals

The Arts District in Las Vegas is home to a new and unique pop-up art installation, Portals, featuring the backlit lenticulars. The installation has taken up residence in the windows of the Quivx Building and is sure to draw in art lovers from all over the city. Visitors to the Portals installation will be able to view two of Stanford’s illuminated works, So Fabrish Old Tropicana and Recombo Old Tropicana, both measuring an impressive 54″ x 54″.

This new popup installation is the latest in a string of successful exhibitions for Stanford, including a solo show at the Sahara West Library and a showing at the Sculpture Objects Functional Art and Design Fair in Chicago. With the Portals installation, James Stanford is continuing to build upon his reputation as one of the top digital painters in the area.


Installation at Quivx Building, curated by Laura Henkel, Las Vegas, NV.