An NFT exhibition, Avalanche Summit, Guinovart Art Space, Poble Espanyol, March 22-27, Barcelona, Spain.

Nature is regenerative, by moving the way we think and work to regenerative systems we begin to emulate how nature works. There is no waste in nature, when a leaf falls from a tree it feeds the forest. For billions of years natural systems have regenerated themselves. Waste is a human invention. The venue for the Avalanche Summit was established by artist Josep Guinovart as a space for creation, promotion of contemporary art and a structure to permanently house Guinovart’s work. The gallery is a multi-floor cylindrical space centered around a large-scale hanging Josep Guinovart sculpture. LED Walls that are 3m x 3m are presented throughout the space. Screens will display digital artworks curated by House of Attention, and act as discoverable signposts driving guests upwards.