12th Annual Tibet Fund Gala

Stanford’s exquisite lenticular artwork, Buddha Bark Face, is a powerful testament to the importance of preserving the cultural and national identity of the Tibetan people. Donated to the Art of Tibet’s Annual Gala to support The Tibet Fund, the artwork has been praised by art critics for its meditative spirit and its reflection of Stanford’s own practice in Zen Buddhism.

The beauty of Buddha Bark Face lies in its ability to evoke emotional responses in its viewers. Its colors, textures, and shapes come together to create a visual experience that is both calming and inspiring. Although the artwork may appear simple on the surface, the lenticular aspect of the work provides is a deeper message that speaks to the power of art in preserving cultures and identities.

It is such an honor to contribute to the preservation of Tibetan culture. Opportunities such as this speaks to the power of art in affecting change and in creating value in the world. Art for Tibet is a testament to the importance of preserving cultural identities, and it serves to remind us of the importance of supporting organizations like The Tibet Fund.