Format 2021

James Stanford, a multi-disciplinary artist, was the featured guest speaker at the Format 2021 event, organized by QUAD and DMARC (Digital and Material Artistic Research Centre of the University of Derby). This event was supported by Arts Council England, Derby City Council, and several partners from the UK and abroad.

James Stanford discussed how Las Vegas has influenced his artistic career. How he has been drawn to the bright lights and dazzling energy of Las Vegas since he was a child. He recalled being mesmerized by the neon signs and the pulsating energy of the city. This fascination blossomed into a deep appreciation for the city and its culture, and eventually into his art.

He often incorporates the city’s vibrant colors and architecture into his pieces. He also uses its iconic landscape as a backdrop for his photographs and videos. His art is a reflection of the city’s bustling energy and its many layers of complexity.

In his discussion, Stanford explored the different ways in which Las Vegas has influenced his art. How the city has informed his creative process, and how it has opened up new avenues of exploration. Additionally, he discussed the importance of capturing a city’s unique energy and spirit in his work.