Del Mar

Del Mar, an art installation by Kevin Barry Fine Art, is prominently featured in The Strat Casino and Resort in Las Vegas. The piece is inspired by the iconic typography from the mid-century modern marquee that once stood on the Las Vegas Strip. Del Mar is one of three special art commissions for the resort, and it is certainly the most eye-catching.

The installation presents bold and proud, greeting guests at the main elevator bank of the resort and creating a truly breathtaking view. The letters of the iconic marquee are crafted from metal and feature a vibrant, retro color palette that evokes the energy of Las Vegas’ past. The grandeur of the installation magnifies the vibrancy of the piece, making it a bold and unforgettable sight.

Del Mar is a perfect example of how art installations can breathe new life into a space. It combines modern art with classic typography to create an experience that is truly memorable. Guests who enter the resort are sure to be awestruck by this beautiful and unique art piece, and it will continue to be a source of inspiration for years to come.