The Work

“Kaleidoscope breaks us from our real world and takes us to places where there are entirely magical visuals. James Stanford reflects this magic in his artwork and offers us the opportunity to enjoy this world without the need for kaleidoscope.” – Botena, April 2019

There is a richness and depth of color in lenticulars that you cannot find anywhere else. As you walk by it, you see that the art changes. I use different layers of the same image to create playful abstractions. An image is printed on one single sheet of paper. The first layer will have one line. The second layer will be right next to it with a line. And so on, and so forth. The process is repeat over and over until the entire image. These lines come to life when a special lens it put over the composition. Careful considerations are made to create this series. New technologies allow me to push the limits of applications and techniques to render fascinating works of art.

Seeing a lenticular in person is a treat! The following artworks are detailed examples of lenticulars. To see works in their entirety, please visit the Exhibitions galleries.

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