“Street Art Las Vegas” – A Collection of Vegas’ Raddest Street Art | Juxtapoz Magazine

Article Excerpt:

Driving in from Interstate 15, freeway exits vie with Magic Mike Live and Celine Dion in all their billboard bodacious-ness. The Pyramids reside a stroll from the Eiffel Tower, while at night, neon signs face off with a light parade of fountains. You may ask, is that all there is? Reputation dies hard, but you suspect there is more, and that may lead to the sidewalks and alleys crisscrossing the City, as described in Street Art Las Vegas, published by Jim Stanford’s Smallworks Press. Roughly the size of a Thomas Guide, but way cooler and just as informative, the book covers a lot of ground, with an overview of the street art that sinews through pathways and fronts massive buildings.