A Phalanx of Angels Ascends over Downtown Las Vegas | I Support Street Art

Article Excerpt:

Native Las Vegas artist and photographer James Stanford has designed a monumental site-specific mural to commemorate the iconic Blue Angel statue that watched over Downtown Las Vegas for 61 years from its mid-century perch at the Blue Angel Motel.

The art installation A Phalanx of Angels Ascending was commissioned by Alison Chambers, the owner of The 705 building, an arts incubator located at 705 North Las Vegas Boulevard. The original 16-foot statue was designed by Betty Willis, who also created the famed ‘Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas’ sign, and was taken down for restoration in 2017. Stanford’s new installation pays homage to the original and will span over 2,000 square feet, encompassing all three sides of the building, making it viewable from all angles.