Anthony James + Marc Dennis + James Stanford | Melissa Morgan Fine Art

Contemporary digital artist James Stanford is to exhibit in a Melissa Morgan Fine Art group show alongside artists Anthony James and Marc Dennis.

Nevada-based ‘digital painter’ James Stanford is known for his complex digital collages of Las Vegas landmarks and neon signs. Combining traditional photography with innovative digital technology, he layers original photographs to reimagine them as rich and enticing digital mosaics. Inspired by the Bauhaus movement, Stanford’s abstract aesthetic features bold colours and mesmerising visual networks.

Stanford’s works reflect a strong connection to his native Las Vegas, featuring resonating symbols like the Old Tropicana hotel or iconic neon signage. His works often combine image and word in highly symmetrical and amplified patterns, wherein a single piece may contain 30 or more layers.

Stanford is concerned with transformative possibilities and artistic expressions of spirituality. For Stanford, his artistic process is akin to meditation. Drawing on the ancient traditions of Buddhism, he conceives of his montages as “modern mandalas” – maps towards inner Zen. As such, Stanford can be said to explore physical environments, such as the enchanting Mojave Desert, in order to unlock psychological landscapes. By transforming reality into imagined realms, his works enact forms of interconnectedness.

Stanford will exhibit a series of his unique and shimmering backlit lenticulars, which create mesmerising image changes as the viewer changes viewpoint. Works featured will include new works and two Las Vegas inspired pieces previously premiered at the 20th Anniversary of Asia Art in London in 2017.