Nawari Koans

Jack Fitzwater is a Korean War veteran, who was damaged by the war as so many of our “Boys” were.  He read his copy of the Bhagavad Gita until he had to hold it together with rubber bands. 
Fitzwater came a long way from his Hillbilly roots. He worked his way through Long Beach State and then to graduate school at UCLA in Anthropology where he met his fellow grad student, Carlos Casteneda. Fitzwater worked in Aerospace, taught Anthropology at UNLV and Idaho State. He became a well-known Archeologist as well. Jack was a natural born teacher, who was a serious student of the Zen Koan, and he sought to show the Zen Koan through his own life. This book succeeds in helping us to realize an American form of Zen. Jack found a form of natural Dharma within the American character.

Copyright 2007 by Robert J. Fitzwater | ISBN: 0-9778806-1-3

Design and Topography: James Stanford and Milo Duffin

Published by Small Works Press