Iridescent Dogs and The Men Who Hunt Them

To read a DB Holland poem is to be immersed in worlds at the intersection of the contemporary, the fantastic, the comical, the ordinary, the tragic, the pessimistic, and the hopeful.

Holland is a poet whose words have a velocity, plasticity, and distinctly American sound. A self-proclaimed child of the sixties, Holland cites a number of diverse influences, including Malcolm Lowery, Walt Whitman, Edgar Allan Poe, Samuel Coleridge, Bob Dylan, and Jim Morrison. Like many of the Beat generation, a certain literary gravity is present, but at the same time there is a palpable presence of contemporary and popular culture.


Copyright 2010 by DB Holland | ISBN: 0-9778806-2-1

Design and Topography: James Stanford and Milo Duffin

Published by Small Works Press